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Angle Plates

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PI-2000 Tool Markers

2000 Series - Toolmakers' Knees

BUSCH PRECISION Toolmakers’ Knees are designed for holding and checking work during layout, machining and inspection operations. Some have finished pads on the inside of each face to facilitate accurate clamping and references. Finished edges permit side positioning. Made from heat-treated, close-grained castings. The knee face is precision ground square to the base within 0.0002” in 8”. Also available in hand scraped finished. No. 2003 features a slotted base with alignment keys and a T-bolt.
PI-2200 Inside/Outside Angles

2200 Series - Inside/Outside Angles

BUSCH PRECISION Inside/Outside Angles are among the most versatile of precision angles. Made from specially heat-treated, quality, close-grained castings. Angles are rib-less with a machined relief in the interior angle enabling use of all precision ground faces. The exterior and interior faces are ground square within 0.0005” in 8” and parallel within 0.0002” in 8”.
PI-2400 Standard Angles

2400 Series - Standard Angles - Single RIB

BUSCH PRECISION Standard Angles provide convenience and versatility for holding and fixturing applications. Made from specially stress-relieved quality castings, these standard angles are ground on all sides and edges with the faces only precision ground square within 0.0002” in 8”.
PI-2500 Standard Angles-Double Rib

2500 Series – Standard Angles - Double RIB

These angles are similar to the 2400 series, but with two support ribs to facilitate center holding and clamping. These angles are ground on all sides and edges. The faces are precision ground square within .0002” in 8”.
PI-2700 Universal Right Angles

2700 Series - Universal Right Angles

Probably the most widely used type of precision equipment, BUSCH PRECISION Universal Right Angles are ideal for square and parallel references. Made of specially treated, close-grained quality castings, with all outside surfaces precision finished square and parallel, these angles can be used in any position. Offered in a wide range of sizes, these angles can be carefully fitted to almost any requirement. For special tooling and gaging applications, BUSCH PRECISION Universal Right Angles are often furnished with a hand scraped finish. Ground square and parallel to 0.0002” in 8”.
PI-2800 Standard Angles

2800 Series - Standard Angles

Specially designed for checking the squareness of large work mounted on machine tables. BUSCH PRECISION Standard Angles are offered in tall, trim sizes. Made of specially treated close-grained castings, the face and base on these giant angles are precision ground square to 0.0002” in 8”.
PI-3500-3800 Slotted Angles

3500-3800 Series - Slotted Angles

BUSCH PRECISION Slotted Angles provide convenient clamping slots for fast work positioning and machine set-ups and serves as an excellent base for permanent work fixtures. Made of specially quality treated close-grained castings, these angles are ground on all sides and ends with the faces only precision ground square and parallel to 0.0002” to 8”.
PI-3900 T-Slotted Angles

3900 Series - T-Slotted Angles

BUSCH PRECISION T-Slotted Angles feature 1” T-slots on 6” centers providing great flexibility in holding heavy parts in a vertical plane. These angles can be customized with special T-slots and/or tapped holes. Stock #3972 is precision ground on the vertical face and is square to the base within 0.0002” in 12”. The larger 96” angle has a planer finish with an accuracy of 0.0002” in 12”. Both angles are furnished with two heavy-duty swivel hoist rings for controlled handling.

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