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PI-5100 Series Box Parallels

5100/5200 Series Box Parallels

BUSCH PRECISION Box Parallels are made of quality, close-grained castings, specially heat-treated for stability and wear resistance. Widely used for set-ups in machining, layout and inspection, BUSCH PRECISION Box Parallels may be machined for special fixtures. Ground to ± 0.010" in size. Parallel and square to 0.0002" in 8". Can be matched pairs.
PI-5300 Series Cube Parallels

5300 Series - Cube Parallels

Similar construction to the 5100 and 5200 Series. BUSCH PRECISION Cube Parallels are precision ground on all six exterior surfaces to listed dimensions within ±0.010"; opposite sides parallel within 0.0002" in 8" and with adjacent sides square to within 0.0002" in 8". The Cube Parallel can also be used as an angle for square references.
PI-5400 Series Giant Cube Parallel

5400 Series - Giant Cube Parallels

Made from stability treated, quality, close-grained castings and specially designed for the automotive industry, this series is provided with tapped holes for lifting eyes ideal for heavy-duty applications. Precision ground on all six exterior surfaces, these Giant Cube Parallels can be used for parallel and square references in any position. Tolerances are ±0.010 in size, parallel and square to 0.0002" in 8". Can be matched pairs.
PI-5500 Series Dimension Parallels Block

5500 Series - 3 Dimension Parallel Blocks

Made of alloy steel, hardened to 60 Rockwell C and precision ground on all six sides. These interchangeable blocks provide unlimited versatility in a wide variety of precision set-up and inspection applications.
steel parallels

5600 Series Steel Parallels

BUSCH PRECISION Steel Parallels are a most essential tool for the toolmaker, machinist and inspector. Normally sold and used in pairs, steel parallels are indispensable for setting up and checking work. Made of high quality alloy steel scientifically hardened for stability and wear resistance, BUSCH PRECISION Steel Parallels are precision ground on all four sides. Ground to 0.0002" in size, parallel to 0.0001" in 6" and ±0.020" in length.
PI-5800 Series Planner/Boring Machine Parallel

5800 – Planer/Boring Machine Parallels

BUSCH PRECISION Planer and Boring Machine Parallels are popular for setting up larger work on planers, boring mills, radial drills and surface plates. Made of quality, close-grained castings with a strong reinforced rib design, these parallels are specially heat-treated for stability. Ground to ± 0.010" in size, square and parallel within 0.0002" in 8".

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